“Despite the challenges of life, I too shall grow”


This magnet has been posted on my fridge for years now. It is one of those things that becomes just background noise in your home. We all have them. Things in your house you see every day that are just part of your normal visual space. The painting on the wall, the framed pictures of family, the spot where you pile up all your mail, the junk draw that you throw stuff into when you don’t know where else to put it.

But for some reason today, among the visual chaos in my home, this popped out at me. Every new year is another chance to change, to grow, to become a better person. Every moment we live is something we should cherish. Watching my mom loose herself to Alzheimer’s has been difficult to say the least. Despite this terrible disease, she too continues to grow. She may forget the past, but she has learned to live in the moment. To laugh, make new friends, enjoy eating delicious food. Moment by moment, my mom continues to grow. Keeping this in mind, I know that despite the challenges of life, I too shall grow….

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