Meet the Artist | Lori Bloom


As an artist I like to explore the world through texture, shadows, and color. My focus leans towards finding symbolism in animals, insects, flowers, plants, and other everyday things we see. These are all things I explored as a young child living in New Jersey. The essence of my childhood is deeply rooted in exploring the outdoors through touch and smell. The memories of being outside observing and sniffing the flowers, mixing the dirt and pine needles, watching the butterflies, or simply finding comfort in sitting under the giant willow tree still linger within me.

There is a story in each of my paintings that is intuitively found. I see the colors, shapes, textures, and images come to life from the canvas. My story, however, can be very different from what the viewers story is. I love that everyone can see a piece of themselves in my work.

I can currently be found working in my studio surrounded by the things I love; my two sons, a dog, a cat and 7 chickens. I work at my kitchen table, pulling items from outside inside and moving furniture around to make room for new canvases. There is a constant flow of movement in my home as there is in my artwork. This is my happy place, full of love and chaos!

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