New Year, New Website, New Beginnings!


Hello and welcome to my new blog! I am delighted that you chose to take a peek and see what I have to say! 

As I sit here writing this, I cannot believe that another year has gone by. Welcome 2022!

I took a HUGE risk and left my job teaching art in public schools last summer. I have dreamed of being a full-time artist for years, and felt it was finally the right moment in my life to give it a go. What a journey it has become! The ups and downs of creating and getting my work out there have been exhilarating -and scary at times. I feel so blessed that there are people out there who love my pieces and have them hanging on their walls. 

My life as an artist started thanks to Holly Hobby! I would draw her over and over again.

This exact image! I absolutely adored her. I decided to share my drawings with my Mom, who immediately exclaimed, “Looks like we have an artist on our hands!”  And thus, the beginning of my journey in the world of art began. I was around 7. I started taking private classes that following week. 

Life rolled on and I graduated from SUNY Purchase with a BFA and then proceeded to get my Master’s in General Education and Art Education. I love teaching. Sharing my love of creating with others and seeing their eyes light up when they complete a piece is so exhilarating. I continue to teach after school programs and private lessons to this day. 

My work is reflective of me. The colors, animals, flowers, insect, the little details are all a part of my childhood memories. Life was easy and free. Outside exploring the natural elements of the world. The smell, the texture, the shadows, colors. All of it. I strive to keep this spirit of freedom alive in my artwork. The symbolism of images a deliberate choice. 

My life has taken twists and turns. The loss of my father so many years ago in a tragic car accident. Watching my baby boys growing up to become amazing young men. The struggle of watching my Mom slowly fall victim to Alzheimers. The birth of my niece’s child. Sadness and beauty always interlacing with each other. All of these are pieces of me and all of them can be seen in my artwork. They are my story. 

But they may not be yours. YOU may see something completely different than I do. And that is what I hope will happen when you look into my art. I want them to lift your soul and inspire you to see what your story is. Do you reflect on the symbolism or creatures or flowers? Do you hear the sound of the lightning and thunder? Do you see the sadness in the rabbit’s eyes? Can you feel the texture of the flowers? Or the glint of shimmer from the side? What is your story within my work?

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