“What is the process for creating your unique art pieces?”


I have been asked numerous times… How do you come up with your paintings?

It seems like such an easy thing to answer, but it’s actually quite challenging for me. I don’t really “come up” with paintings. I work intuitively with colors and shapes. My first stages of a painting are splashes of watercolors on a canvas. I then rotate the canvas and see where it takes me. Every turn of the canvas shows a different image to me. I can only choose one.

An example of this is the canvas above. What do you see in it? I held it every which way and suddenly the image revealed itself. A girl in a flowy skirt and hat. Do you see it?? Look carefully!

I add in details, flowers, make butterflies, add textures, circles, stamps, glitter, shimmer and just have fun with the image… and voila! I have a finished piece. It isn’t that simple, there are many days and hours put into each piece, but it gives you an idea of how I create….

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